A different perspective on Van Gogh, and I’m obsessed

First steps into the main attraction of the exhibit.

Photo Credit: Ellie Hughes

First steps into the main attraction of the exhibit.

by Ellie Hughes, Freelance Writer

Right off Pier 76 in New York City stands the Van Gogh Immersive Museum.

This pop-up exhibit puts a new spin on painting showcases, displaying Van Gogh’s beautiful work all over the walls.

The dazzling display is made possible by projectors and mirror sculptures scattered throughout the entire facility. Lulling music plays in the background as museumgoers drift, using their complementary seat cushions to sit and observe the sights.

Between the “Starry Night,” “Vase with Twelve Sunflowers,” “Almond Blossoms,” and so many more projected on the walls, the exhibit takes Van Gogh’s work to a new level.

The worry that the over-hyped exhibit won’t live up to its praise completely melted away, as my breath was swept from my lungs. My stomach bubbled with excitement and the 45-minute drive on a smelly bus seemed so much more worth it. Not only did reality fade into a distant thought, but a smile was stamped on my face.

People of all ages walked around, eyes wide, as they took in all of Van Gogh’s talent. The music, quiet but prominent, created bursts of awe as the projected paintings engulfed the walls. The different mirror sculptures effortlessly placed around reflected and bent the light, creating an illusion for your eyes.

The experience ended with a step into Van Gogh’s chic cafe, filled with tasteful treats that are almost as good as the experience you just made. You feel sad as you walk out, calendar in hand waiting to see what dates you and your friends are free to come and visit again. The museum didn’t just impress me, but I left with a new appreciation for Van Gogh’s art. Definitely worth the visit!