GRHS Seniors Cheerleaders: Ready to Rock


Glen Rock Cheerleading Seniors 2022

by Katie Mae Yetter, Opinion Editor

A group of cheerleaders flock into a hot and smelly gym, shoving huge red mats through a narrow door, trying their best not to mess up their uniforms. Coaches watch as they attempt to put the phone into the tripod that is stacked on a chair. Being ever so careful not to knock over the whole thing. The girls set up to record their routine at least ten times. By the end, the girls are exhausted and trying to decide which take is best to send to the judges.

The cheerleaders grew tiresome of this. They were grateful to have a season at all but it wasn’t the same.
Senior cheerleader Joyce Silva stated, “Knowing it doesn’t matter if you mess up because it was recorded 14,000 more times that made it not fun anymore.” The girls thrive off of the adrenaline performing gives. The energy of the crowd, the anticipation, and the excitement. To not have that made it difficult to want to perform.

“I feel like on Zoom and doing everything on virtual, it kind of takes the fun out of it. I was still really grateful to have a season but it definitely you’re missing the aspect of like, performing for a reason,” senior captain Emily Robertson expressed.

Of course some of the differences are significant.

Senior cheerleader Payton Jackson stated,“ It’s a lot more pressure in the moment first zoom because you only have one chance to do it.”

This season is especially important to the seniors. COVID-19 ruined their junior season, but they won’t let that keep them down. They are all ready to jump right back in.

“I’m so very excited because the last time I was at an in-person competition, I had so much adrenaline and never messed up. And I just love performing,” Senior cheerleader Alisha Lam joyfully said.
Much like other things, everybody has something they love about competition season. Whether it’s being with your friends or those two and half minutes of performing, there is something for everybody.
Senior captain Graysen Gill happily expressed, “My favorite thing about in-person competitions is getting to spend the day with my team and then also competing itself like being on the mat for those like two or three minutes is really amazing.”

The girls arrive at the gym in the early morning. The cheerleaders cannot wait to perform live again. As anticipation builds, the girls prepare to perform. Unable to mask their excitement as they stand in a circle to stretch.

Senior cheerleader Cara Calbi says, “Like the whole waiting process and being like, warming up together and performing live. It makes it more competitive and more enjoyable.”
As excited as the girls are, there is a bittersweet feeling because it is their last season.
Senior captain Claire Torpey stated, “It’s honestly a really bittersweet feeling. I love the girls that I work with on the team. And I’m really excited. Just to, you know, experience all the senior year cheer things that we get to do.”

Standing on the edge of the mat, the girls are ready to perform. Feeling antsy while hearing the crowd, scream and shout for them.

Senior captain Dana Gomes bittersweetly expressed, “ I’m sad that it’s my last season cheering but I’m also happy that we get to do the stuff that we’re doing now.”