Seniors revive faltering French Club


by Rohan Jonnalagadda, Staff Writer

The French Club was resurrected on Oct. 6 after a year of inactivity by seniors in the French program this year.

Due to the lack of a teacher paired with an unforeseen pandemic French Club found itself largely inactive throughout the 2020-2021 school year, even with the persistent efforts of members at the time. The first meeting for the club this year saw members planning a return to normalcy, with various proposals for trips and events being brainstormed and the fundamental hierarchy of the organization being established.

The first meeting saw many of the core fundamentals of the club be established by the newly appointed club officers.

“The purpose of French club is to make elements of French culture accessible to all students, regardless of which language they take for school,” Vice President Conan Ralston said.
Trips and events have long been a focal point for the club, and the lack thereof was one of the primary reasons why the club was largely inactive during the pandemic school year.

“French Club has a trip to the Met in New York paired with a dining experience in a French restaurant for sometime early next year,” Ralston said.

Discussion of the challenges that faced the club quickly spurred after discussion about future trips — many members and students are still wary of the pandemic in hand.

“We still don’t know what limitations we will face in regard to COV ID-19 and future trips but we will try our best to organize the best possible events for the club while maintaining necessary precautions for COVID,” he said.