‘Grey’s Anatomy,” more than just a show


Photo Credit: Flickr

by Ally Zamparelli, Staff Writer

Grey’s anatomy is a life lesson teaching show which exposes the viewer to every challenge in life they may encounter and the different types of people they might meet along the way.

After watching 369 episodes twice it always seems to shock and excite me even the second time watching. Grey’s Anatomy takes you on a roller coaster of events through the lives of the doctors and other staff at the Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital.

Grey’s Anatomy is about doctors at a hospital who work at the hospital, but all have different crazy life stories that you get to see through the show.

I would say many teenagers to young adults are more of the popular audience for the show. People who like to sit down and be engaged in something, also those who like drama and craziness.

The show is what you can call a life story about Meredith Grey, the main character of the show. The show includes life lessons based around deaths, births, holidays, weddings,
diseases/medical issues, and natural disasters. Each character goes through something
different, but they all share the same passion which is saving lives. The show is unexpected in so many ways, but through it all the characters stick together like a family.

Watching the show has taught me so many life lessons and has shown me how I aspire to be in life. The gruesome insides of patients are what push most people away from the show, but for someone like me who aspires to be a surgeon it is giving me a look at what life may be able to look like in the future.

The large number of seasons and episodes cause many who have not watched the show to feel like it will be boring or a waste of time, but I wouldn’t consider this an issue because of how inciting the show is. I can reassure you that it is one of those heart grasping shows where when you start watching the first episode you can’t stop.

I love how realistic episodes are, making you once again feel like you are a character in the show.