The Graphic Design industry is booming like it never has before


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by Colin Magner

The Graphic Design industry is booming like it never has before. Whether on social media, personal use, or professionally, it’s a very beneficial pastime and career. First, let’s get to the basics: salary and benefits. It varies depending on the company that hires you whether it’s Pentagram or Logo Design NYC, but for the most part it’s very similar.

To start, all design companies give paid off days, health care, a pension, education reimbursement, sick days, insurance, and a bonus. Pentagram for example provides free lunch, regular 401k, and 10 paid vacation days, per The average salary for a graphic designer is around 56k a year. Upfront those numbers don’t look too astonishing, yet in most places in the US, it’s a fairly decent salary. 

Then there’s the mental side of the job. Now, there is a lot of boring work, late nights, and frustrating communication, but being a graphic designer builds certain life skills as well. For example, problem solving skills, communication and cooperation skills, and how to manage a business. These skills can come in handy in the workplace and at home too. Accountability and basic responsibility are helpful even when scheduling chores at home. 

I truly believe that Graphic Design is a great career to get involved in if interested in digital art. From my own experiences it taught me organizational skills, patience, and different artistic skills. I love how involved you get with other people to create unique designs and how close you can get with clients. I personally enjoy the visual factors among the results and even just the process of making something creative and appealing. Working in multiple environments gives you experience and opportunity to excel in this career.