New virtual schedule excites students


by Cole Tennant, Web Manager

Glen Rock High School was forced back into quarantine late this January after COVID-19 numbers rose. From Jan. 21 to Feb. 4 we had a change for the better, as most students would describe it, and formed a new schedule for all virtual days. 

This new schedule has the structured day starting at 8:30 a.m. and ending at 2 p.m. leaving office hours from 2 p.m. till 3 p.m. The days are rotated between periods 1-4 (AM) and periods 5-9 (PM). 


“I like the schedule. It gives me more time to sleep and get ready in the morning. I also like the new schedule because I’m able to spend more time on my class work compared to the full day schedule,” stated sophomore student Liam Manning when asked his opinion on the new schedule.  

Students at the high school and middle school became accustomed to this schedule and seemed to really enjoy it. After talking to multiple students and teachers throughout the school the schedule has received some good ratings. Students are also enjoying the longer class periods.

Sophomore Zack Spence stated, “The longer periods allow more to be taught at once, making it easier for the teacher not to have to break up units more and for students to get more information at once without forgetting it by the next class period.” 

The new schedule had decreased the structured day by one hour and 40 minutes excluding office hours. The office hours, which span one hour, help students talk to their teachers and reach out for help if necessary. Many students took advantage of this hour to do homework, catch up on classwork and get some extra help from teachers.

 Teachers have also expressed that they enjoy this new schedule claiming that they have more time to get through material in class with the longer class periods. Teachers also appreciate the shorter school day while having the opportunity to reach out to their students. 

With another impending snow storm forecasted for our area in the next two days, the new schedule will be put into use.