A student athlete’s experience with being contact traced


Multiple members of the hockey team laced up the skates for pick up pond hockey at Celery Farms lake in Allendale, New Jersey.

by Alex Vicinanza, Managing Editor

It was a special Tuesday night in my house as my family ate skirt steak and mashed potatoes. We were eating a special dinner because that night was the first game of my senior year high school hockey season. Butterflies were rushing through my body with the game being the only thing on my mind.

All of this quickly became destroyed. I checked my phone, which was buzzing like crazy in my pocket, and to my surprise I saw that a player on my team tested positive for COVID-19. My heart sank. 

Shortly after, each member of the team received a call from the school explaining what this meant for the rest of us. We were contact traced and had to stay home from school for 14 days. Online school, home workouts, and video games took up the majority of my time. 

Not being able to skate while most schools in the state get to start their season was tough. Glen Rock hockey was forced to reschedule the first four games of their season. We, as a team, knew that we were going to be a much stronger team than last year, so we tried our hardest to stay in shape for the start of the season.

I rode on my Peloton bike often to keep my legs loose. Other players had different methods of working out, but most of us put in the work. I played lots for Fortnite and NHL 21 in my free time. I feel that the games kept me motivated and in a competitive mindset.

 Some of us also had the chance to play pond hockey. After testing negative for COVID-19, a few of us went to Celery Farms Nature preserve in Allendale. We played pick-up hockey for a few hours and it was really nice to finally step back on the ice.

By the time my two weeks finished, I felt even more prepared for the season. The two weeks gave the team a chance to get focused for the season. Even though we only had one practice before opening night, we felt ready. So far, the team has three wins and one loss with a combined 24-7 goals for vs goals against.