Students face challenge with limited water access in school during pandemic


Photo Credit: Rob Zamparelli

Above is a water fountain closed off due to the pandemic.

by Rob Zamparelli, Co-Editor-in-Chief

The cafeteria is one place where most students go everyday. However, this year the cafeteria is much different than previous years.

The cafeteria is open during lunch for those who do not wish to leave for lunch, however, they must bring lunch from home. Pomptonian Food Service will not be serving any food or drinks this year due to COVID-19.

Every student has bought something from the cafeteria before, whether it’s a drink, snack or anything else they offer. This is a very drastic change for students because many kids purchased something everyday.

This is a big adjustment for the students due to the limited amount of water available in the school, as in previous years students could just walk outside in any hallway and get a drink at the many water fountains. However, almost all of the water fountains are shut down due to the current state of the pandemic.

Students can go to the nurses office if they need a cup of water, however, it could be a long walk for students and they would miss a good amount of class time. Hydration is very important for students because it helps them stay focused and awake.

Good hydration in the classroom is important because “adequate hydration may improve cognitive function among children and adolescents, which is important for learning,” according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. 

Students have the responsibility of bringing a drink to school with them or else they will be waiting for lunch (if they go out for lunch) or after school. The nurses have a lot more responsibilities this year and handing out water to students shouldn’t be a duty they have to worry about.

According to WebMD, high school students should drink around 8 to 11 cups of water per day. This would be a challenge for students to complete during the school week if they don’t bring water from home. 

Another reason why water is so important for students is with the warm weather approaching. If kids don’t drink enough fluids they could get dehydrated or even pass out.

If the school sets a big emphasis on water it could make many students realize how important water really is in their daily life.

It’s crucial that a good example is set, “Children should be taught to drink water routinely as an initial beverage of choice as long as daily dietary caloric and other nutrients (e.g. calcium, vitamins) needs are being met,” the American Academy of Pediatrics says.

In order to solve the problem the school should provide the opportunity for students to purchase bottled water during the school day. Any profit made during each month could be donated to one of the graduating classes at the school, rotating between the classes each month.