One thing COVID can’t stop? Snow days

by Alex Vicinanza, Managing Editor

With winter storm warnings being sent out effective this  afternoon, Glen Rock public schools are approaching snow days differently.

Similar to most years, the district calendar will have two emergency closing days available. In an email sent to Glen Rock parents, the district communications stated, “We will post notifications on our district website and social media pages to provide the most up to date information.” 

I was able to sit down with the superintendent, Dr. Brett Charleston, on Tuesday to get information on what we can expect this week and in the future for when we have snow days. 

“If the storm seems inevitable, like it is on Thursday, we would most likely utilize one of those snow days. There would be no virtual instruction on that day,” Charleston said. 

Moving forward, if the school ends up using both emergency closing days, Charleston plans on using virtual half days. Using more than two snow days means we will have to start taking days offspring break. 

Many schools in New Jersey are not using snow days at all this year. They will immediately go to virtual classes if the weather prevents students and staff from accessing the building. But Charleston values social and emotional wellness for students and staff and believes it will be a good opportunity for everyone to go outside and have a day off. 

I couldn’t agree more with Dr. Charleston on that. Snow days are something that students across the country look forward to whenever there is snow in the forecast. When I was younger, I would put ice cubes down the toilet, wear inside out pajamas, and tuck a spoon under my pillow hoping for a snow day. It would really stink to see COVID prevent students from continuing that timeless ritual. 

New Jersey doesn’t get unlimited snow every year, so when there is a snow day, students don’t want to be staring at a computer screen for the majority of the day. They want to go sledding with their friends and shovel for some quick cash. 

The school approached the snow day situation carefully this year and I believe they knocked it out of the park. Who doesn’t love a snow day?