Science teacher takes on essential role in Glen Rock


Ms. Nix in Northern California in late June where the 1960 winter Olympics were.

by Kevin Lederer, Social Media Manager (Facebook)

The science department has welcomed Kaitlyn Nix, the new teacher who is instructing environmental, biology, and forensic sciences. At such a hard time to take over for Mrs. Binder, Ms. Nix is ready for the challenge and cannot wait for a great year with her students.

With COVID-19 continuing to affect the classroom, becoming a teacher at a new school is now harder than ever. 

“I struggled at the beginning with being home and not being in the classroom with my students, it was sad. Many lessons are in need of being redesigned to fit the virtual environment, but there are a ton of resources available,” Nix said about the effects of COVID-19 on her teaching in the spring.

Nix has been a teacher for nine years and has been able to get a large amount of experience working at different schools as a teacher. She has worked in the Bergen County area and beyond. Through this experience, Nix has learned skills that she says give her an advantage in the classroom, like being able to learn names faster. 

“Learning from my students,” Nix said was her favorite part about teaching. “It is not always about teaching.” 

With students and faculty having to keep their social distance, it has been hard for her to create a work environment that they enjoy and are used to.

Her passion for teaching science is what got her where she is today. She mentioned how it was something that always interested her growing up.

“Teaching was always something I wanted to do, Nix said. “I love the population and I love being able to pass on my knowledge of science to my students.”

Nix is excited about the year and hopes to get all students involved in what is going on, no matter if they are online or not. Nix wants to make a difference and she cannot wait to make Glen Rock feel like home.