Freshman leader follows in brother’s footsteps


by Kevin Lederer, Social Media Manager (Facebook)

Every year we elect students in our grade for student council. Jacob Cece, a freshman who is this year’s treasurer, has a lot to say about his position and goals for the year. 

Cece decided to run because he was inspired by his brother, Daniel, who is also in the student council. “I want to be able to make a difference in the grade by making choices to improve it.”

“I felt that treasurer would fit well for me because I would be helping make decisions on how to spend the budget, and I feel that I know what our students would enjoy it being spent on,” Cece said. He has a lot of plans for his time on the student council this year, and is having a great time in high school so far. He said that his main goal is to “be able to make decisions that will help make this year more fun, and also be able to raise money for good causes.” He also talked about how he is friends with a lot of kids in the grade and hopes to use that to help gain the best possible understanding of what the students want.

You’ll be able to find Cece playing baseball, running track, and in the next high school play. If you’re a freshman this year make sure to tell him if you have any ideas for the student council if you see him in the hall!