As the virus slows, life picks up

March saw the closure of non-essential businesses, state parks, gyms, and schools from the growing spread of COVID-19 in the state of New Jersey. As the days began to feel the same, unemployment soared to historical highs and the threat of economic downturn grew, as did the rate of infection and overall spread. As New Jersey enters the fourth month of its lock down, Governor Phil Murphy has begun to lift restrictions with hundreds of thousands of residents enjoying life outside of their confinement.

As COVID restrictions begin to lighten, the center of town has become much busier. (Photo Credit: Ryan Hornish)

These restrictions for New Jersey students have come at an unfortunate time as many seniors and graduating classes of elementary and middle schools have lost their spring semester and formal graduations from this virus along with another highly anticipated season for New Jersey sports. Schools have made it their mission to congratulate their graduating classes by placing signs with students’ names in front of schools entrances or on school property in view of the public with motivational quotes.

Signs created by the school are just one way the senior graduating class are being remembered by this year. (Photo Credit: Ryan Hornish)
Motivational quotes had been place next to signs congratulating graduating classes to help those seem optimism in this hard time. (Photo Credit: Ryan Hornish)
Signs were placed at all elementary schools to congratulate their graduating fifth grade classes. (Photo Credit: Ryan Hornish)
Signs outside Hamilton congratulating its 2020 graduates. (Photo Credit: Ryan Hornish)
Signs outside of Byrd school congratulating its class of 2020. (Photo Credit: Ryan Hornish)
Signs outside of Central school congratulating its graduating class of 2020. (Photo Credit: Ryan Hornish)

Across town, senior athletes were also presented with banners to congratulate them for their athletic careers for their specific spring sport as their final seasons had been cut short by the virus.

Around town, Seniors of spring sports were dedicated banners congratulating them for their high school athletic careers. (Photo Credit: Ryan Hornish)
Boys Lacrosse and baseball as well as girls lacrosse banners were all located at Memorial Field, across from the fire department. (Photo Credit: Ryan Hornish)
Glen Rock Spring sports are always a highly anticipated season with much success seen for all teams. (Photo Credit: Ryan Hornish)
The Spring track teams banners were located at Faber Field. the Team has seen much success with their graduating class in former years. (Photo Credit: Ryan Hornish)

As an uncertain summer closes in, the opening of camps are unsure and the threat of a secondary wave of the virus closes in as infections begin to spread with Bergen County seeing 64 new virus cases in the past week. Playgrounds are still closed and young families are unsure what they will do to entertain their children until more information is released by the State.

As the state slowly begins to reopen, a problem has emerged for younger families who tend to send their children off to summer camps. These camps have been closed and brings extra stress to families that work. (Photo Credit: Ryan Hornish)
Once busy playgrounds are still closed and have been fenced off. (Photo Credit: Ryan Hornish)