Commemorating this year’s seniors

by Isis Kirkland, Editor-in-Chief

The Covid-19 pandemic has interrupted the class of 2020’s senior year. With the spread of the virus, this year’s seniors have been faced with the cancellation of their prom and senior trip, as well as postponed graduation and “grad ball.”

“We all feel for our seniors,” Principal John Arlotta said. “As I am retiring this year, I certainly wanted to be able to see everyone and say goodbye. I am sure they would have wanted something similar.”

To commemorate the seniors, the high school staff has hung up posters with each graduating senior’s name on them. The posters, which alternate colors between red and white, are located on the perimeter of the school’s grounds, near the football field. 

“I really appreciate the signs because seniors have unfortunately missed out on a lot, so I think that they do a good job of commemorating and honoring all the graduates,” senior Jennifer DeStefano said.

Nothing like this has been done for seniors in the past. In order to get the posters made on such short notice, parents, school administrators, and the Board of Education had to work together. 

“I want to credit our parents, especially Mrs. Scarpelli and Mrs. Somers for taking the lead on this. We all worked together to get this done and the Board of Ed generously funded it,” Arlotta said. 

Though the coronavirus has prevented seniors from experiencing some memorable high school milestones, Arlotta encourages students to focus on the good memories from the past four years rather than just the last few months.