Seven Elements to hold Moth Story Slam virtually


Photo Credit: Randi Metsch-Ampel

The physical Story Slam in March was cancelled due to coronavirus concerns, but will now be held online.

by Chloe Siohan, Chief Copy Editor

The Seven Elements Social Justice Club will hold its annual Moth Story Slam online on May 28, at 2:00 p.m. The event was previously slated for March 12.

The Moth Story Slam is an annual event held by the club that acts as a platform for students and teachers to read original stories to members of the community. The event will be held on Zoom and will be accessible to all with a link published on Schoology the day of the Slam. The Slam is joining Coffeehouse and other virtual performances in the Showcase Week line-up.

Isis Kirkland, a Co-Vice President of the club, thinks the Slam will still be a success, despite the initial learning curve that came with shifting the event online.

“It’s great that we are still able to have the Slam,” she said. “It might be slightly different with it being online, but ultimately I think it’s going to have the same sentiment as it does in person.”

The event is free to all, but donations are encouraged to support the Georgie Badiel Foundation. The Foundation seeks to provide people in West Africa with clean water and sanitation. The organization also performs reforestation in the area. A link to donate can be found here. 

The founder of the organization, Georgie Badiel, will also attend the event.

This is the first time the event will be online, but organizers still hope to achieve an intimate atmosphere and provide a space for people to connect.

“Everyone’s been so isolated from people they love, their friends, etc., so I hope that the Slam allows people to feel connected to others again,” Kirkland said.

Although the format is different than usual, attendees should still expect the same as past in-person Story Slams.

“Everyone should just go into the online Slam with an open mind and ready to hear heartfelt stories.”