“Thor Ragnarok” Movie Review

by Ryan Kelly, Staff Writer

Marvel’s Thor franchise has never been one to stir up many laughs from its audiences considering the death and betrayal that takes place. However, Marvel’s decision for another face in the director’s chair was the right one. Taika Waititi took the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s most underwhelming franchise to new heights with Thor Ragnarok.

The first two installments in the series, Thor and Thor: The Dark World, showed the Avenger as a god and protector of the nine realms, but nothing more. Past directors, Kenneth Branagh and Alan Taylor took the stereotype of a mythical god and rolled with it. Chris Hemsworth was certainly held back in these films and Waititi knew the potential of the franchise with Hemsworth as the star. His role as the God of Thunder took on new comedic and charming traits that viewers were not at all used to.

The plot shows Thor’s older sister Hela return to Asgard after being locked away for many years by Odin. Her goal is to make Asgard her own and use it to dominate other worlds. Hela’s plan is in motion after she takes the throne while Thor and his brother Loki are stuck on the strange planet, Sakaar. This is where Thor loses his fighting spirit and feels unlike a god for the first time in his life. He is constrained without his trusty hammer Mjölnir and is not sure about how he is going to save his home planet from the goddess of death. One thing that Thor never loses is his determination. While Loki is planning out his life on Sakaar, Thor does whatever he can to get off the planet and get back to Asgard. His dedication is evident here because we witnessed how powerful Hela can be. She smashed Thor’s hammer into pieces and killed the entire Asgardian army. This is definitely his toughest opponent yet, but he refuses to concede.

After Thor makes it back to Asgard, he becomes aware that the fall of his home is inevitable and he must make an impactful decision. He realizes that saving his people is what’s most important. By the end of the movie, Thor shows that he is capable of being a king to his people.