“The Last Dance” Film Review

by James Stewart, Staff Writer

The 1990s — when people think about the 90s, they think about baggy jeans, and bold sneakers. Others think about backwards hats and bright neon colors. People made fashion one of the most talked about topics in the 90s, but if you turned on any sports channel you would know who the true star of the 1990s was… Micheal Jordan.

Micheal Jordan, and the Chicago Bulls dominated the National Basketball Association (NBA) throughout the entirety of the 1990s, but their dynasty fell apart following a terrible decision made by the Bull’s general manager Jerry Krause.

Krause was hated by several players on the Bulls including Jordan, along with fellow superstar teammate Scottie Pippen. This hatred deepened when Krause told the Bull’s head coach Phil Jackson that the 1997-98 season would terminate Jackson’s time as the team’s head coach.

Jackson wrote everything including play calls, and coaching schemes and placed all the files into a title folder: The Last Dance. 

ESPN soon hopped on the opportunity to film this final season of the storied dynasty that already had five championships under their belt. This film was then placed together into ten, one-hour segments, and soon became one of the most anticipated film documents of all time.

The first two episodes of The Last Dance released on Sunday, April 19, and episodes three and four would follow suit the following Sunday, April 26. The remaining six episodes will release every Sunday with episodes nine and ten concluding the documentary on Sunday, May 17.

Although only four of the documentary’s ten episodes have been released ratings have been through the roof. Actors, musical artists, and NBA players alike have flooded social media every Sunday night during the documentary and especially after the two episodes finish.

Milwaukee Bucks superstar and reigning NBA most valuable player Giannis Antetokounmpo took to Twitter this past Wednesday night to ask his followers what their biggest takeaways from the first four episodes have been.

After hearing loads and loads of responses from the 6,100,000 people that have also tuned in, Antetokounmpo shared his big takeaway; “My MJ takeaway from The Last Dance is that chasing greatness is a life mission”.

Several other NBA superstars also mentioned that during the two hour run time of the new episodes, they put their phone on do not disturb.

Former NBA standout Jamal Crawford also took to Twitter, and he perfectly explained what a majority of the 6,100,00 viewers agreed with; “Man, two hours has never went by so fast”.

As the quarantine period continues to drag along, The Last Dance truly gives everyone including people who do not love sports something to look forward to as everyone can take something away from the greatest basketball player’s intriguing story, throughout his final season as a member of the Chicago Bulls.

Critics and viewers alike have only the highest of praise for the work ESPN has done to make such an interesting documentary that makes viewers never want to leave their seats.

The Last Dance is shown on both ESPN as well as ESPN 2. On ESPN, The Last Dance is rated TV-MA as it contains strong adult language. ESPN 2’s showing is rated TV-14-L as the ten episodes have all been edited for language.