“Someone Great” Film Review

by Sarah Jennings, Staff Writer

In the romantic comedy, ‘Someone Great”, viewers see a happy couple, Jenny and Nate, reaping the benefits of life in New York City. Fast Forward not even another minute, Jenny is crying in a subway station revealing to a stranger that her nine-year relationship has ended. 

Jenny (Gina Rodriguez) is a writer and was offered a job with Rolling Stones that would require her to move across the country to San Francisco. After informing her boyfriend, Nate (Lakeith Stanfield), of this once in a lifetime job opportunity, he can’t commit to a long-distance relationship or make the move because of his career ties in NYC. 

Writer and director of “Someone Great”, Jennifer Kaytin Robinson, describes a comical yet heartrending night for three best friends. In this feminist forward film, Jenny and her two best friends decide to use one of Jenny’s last nights before leaving to make memories and get her mind off the breakup at an annual concert, Neon Classic.

Throughout the film, viewers see sentimental and grief-stricken flashbacks of Jenny and Nate’s relationship. Not only does this film follow Jenny’s dysfunctional relationship, but her two best friends love life complications. Blair (Brittany Snow) is apprehensive and in a comfortable relationship, yet as the film goes on we see let go a little and make bold decisions. As for Erin, she is outgoing and fun but can’t seem to commit to someone she knows she wants to be with. 

Outside the girl’s love lives, they are three fun-loving friends who support each other and help see each other see the silver lining in the worst situations. They grow together as a group and make each other better people at the end of the day. Jenny’s heartbroken attitude brings a humorous yet despairing aspect to the film. Her friends do their best pulling her from her grief but in the end, they know it’s up to Jenny to heal and find solid ground. 

The chaotic night is full of ups and downs but the girls end up together, each telling their separate adventures. Jenny chose herself and her dream job. She says she is “good sad” and she knew parting ways was the best option. She had to find herself before she could stay with Nate. Blair met a new guy, Erin could finally say she loved her girlfriend. Three empowered women stumble through a night of events ending in deep personal findings. “Someone Great” is for a movie night with your best friends. A day full of raunchy jokes and unfiltered friendships, but also some tender nostalgia and emotions.