All-American Film Review

by Ryan LeBlanc, Staff Writer

One of the most-watched television shows on Netflix, All American, is the perfect show for teenagers of all ages. The hit series contains the drama in high school that any high schooler can relate to. The American drama series dives deep into the perspective and stories of multiple characters. The show takes place in the Los Angeles and the students attend Beverly Hills High School and Crenshaw High School. These two high schools show the difference in lifestyle in Los Angeles. 

The high school football star, Spencer James, is played by British actor Daniel Ezra. Spencer James (Daniel Ezra) is Crenshaw raised where he experiences gang violence, but football finds him a second home in Beverly Hills where he meets Coach Billy Baker (Taye Diggs). James (Daniel Ezra) has to deal with conflicts involving his family and friends back home while dealing with his high school life at Beverly and football. 

All American includes everything about the stereotypical social life of a high schooler. Characters in the film deal with romantic relationships, drinking illegally/drugs and managing their academics while playing athletics. Spencer James (Daniel Ezra) and many other characters have to make impactful decisions such as picking a college. Gang violence and family issues back home take a toll on Spencer, but the action he takes to confront these issues shows the type of person he is. 

I highly recommend All American to anyone that has experienced high school life or is currently a high schooler.