Faber Renovation Update

by Cole Tennant, Staff Writer

Faber Field is an all natural field complex located between the Glen Rock Recycling Center and the Glen Rock Municipal Pool. The complex is used for a variety of sports and activities including baseball, football, soccer and lacrosse. But unfortunately the complex is not in that great of condition and needs an update.

Faber Field is used by many sports to the likes of baseball, football, soccer, lacrosse and more. Faber Fields consist of a lower and upper division and has various uses for both. The lower field has multiple soccer fields and multiple football fields which are in poor condition and are deteriorating. The lower field also has two baseball fields. One is operational and is mainly used for middle school baseball while the other field is overgrown with weeds and trashed to a level that it is no longer in use. At upper faber their is a baseball field, football field, soccer field and lacrosse field. The baseball field has been recently renovated but could still use some help. The football/soccer/lacrosse field is used by many teams for games and practices and is deteriorating. 

When students were asked about the topic they were not sympathetic about it. James Stewart said, “The fields are terrible.” 

Hayden Yuzon, a former player on that field said, “The Faber fields are a known disaster in Glen Rock. For baseball and Football each and every team is put in danger from the horrible conditions and embarrassed when other teams come to play. Overall, Faber is a centerpiece of youth sports in glen rock which is exactly why it needs to be fixed.”

In the recent years the town has taken some action to address this problem. In 2014 the town put up a vote for a $3 million renovation to Faber Fields which would make it fully consist of synthetic turf.  https://theglenecho.com/2014/12/22/on-the-faber-front/ 

The council voted 5-1 in favor of the project but nearly 3,000 residents voted and shot down the project. Not much was talked about in reference to this idea until this past summer when the town made another attempt to upgrade the Faber Fields. 

On July 24th, 2019 the council voted 3-1 in favor for a $12,000 historical examination of the fields and perform tasks to test the conditions of the fields. This act was supported by the mayor when he explained that the money spent was a “presumption that something is getting done.” Other borough officials had made statements on the topic saying they fully support the renovation. O’Hagan said, “Lets move this forward. We’ve made commitments to close the [Lower Faber Brookside] field, we have to make as much of a commitment to how we are going to open it.” These are all good signs for the supporters of the renovation of the Faber Fields.