A behind the scenes look at Glen Rock hockey

Mack Alvino

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Fall athlete of the year
November 30, 2020
Coach John Fuchs diagrams the power play formation for his team. Forwards Anthony Maurice (23), Aidan Mountain (14), Tate Whalen (9) and Ryan LeBlanc (15) look on.
Anthony Maurice focusing before practice stretching his neck in the locker room.


Anthony Maurice mind wanders mid practice as he sits on one knee in a team huddle.


Captain Ryan LeBlanc watches from the bench while taking a break midway through Tuesdays practice.
An exhausted Anthony Maurice and Colin Redmond discuss school work while not participating in a drill.
Coach John Fuchs yawns skating past the bench while the team prepares for the next days game.
Coach Fuchs sits on the edge of the boards to show every player their roles for the next drill.
Alex Vicinanza, Anthony Maurice, Mike Stallone, and Ryan LeBlanc along with other team members load their bags onto the bus before driving to the road game.
Anthony Maurice frustratingly glares at teammates on the bus for a lack of focus before the game.
Goalie Mack Alvinos customized pads rest against the locker room wall before being strapped on for the game.
Before a game at Clary Anderson arena Goaltender Mack Alvinos gear sits prearranged while he warms up for the game.