Q&A with the high school lunch lady, Concetta Colella


Concetta works on the high school side of the cafeteria.

by Alex Vicinanza, Social Media Manager (Snapchat)

Alex: First question: What is your name and how do you spell it?

Concetta: Concetta Colella (she then writes it down on a napkin).

Alex: Alright, When did you start working here and how did you hear about Glen Rock High School?

Concetta: I started working here in 1989. Another girl I was friends with worked here and she told me I should come work with her. So it’s been a long time, basically 30 years.

Alex: Yea, well now it’s 31.

Concetta: Oh yeah, that’s right.

Alex: What’s it like working at Glen Rock High School?

Concetta: I love it. That’s why I’ve been here for 30 years. I enjoy the kids. They make you feel good and happy and all of that.

Alex: What is your favorite part about working at Glen Rock?

Concetta: I love working here and of course the money. That’s why we all work. I enjoy all of you guys. The other day, I saw kids who have graduated and they came and hugged me. You feel good when you see everybody.

Alex: What is your favorite food that Glen Rock High School has to offer?

Concetta: “I don’t really know. I don’t eat much… well I know the students like the cookies here. I know you always get the cookies. So I’ll say cookies are my favorite”