Q&A with Administrative Assistant Rebecca Stadlin


Photo Credit: Jenny DeStefano

High school Administrative Assistant Rebecca Stadlin works at her desk in the attendance office.

by Jenny DeStefano, Managing Editor

Jenny DeStefano: What is your official job title?

Rebecca Stadlin: My job title is Administrative Assistant.

J: How long have you been working at Glen Rock?

R: I’ve been here since July (2019).

J: Describe some of your job duties.

R: . My main duties are helping with attendance, coverages for teachers when they need them, or anything else a teacher might need. I work closely with the Assistant Principal with whatever they may need. I work on the slideshows throughout the schools, so those are the pictures you see on the TVs; I’ll get sent pictures from various people and then upload them to those TVs. I keep track of absences and tardies just to see where everyone is at. Honestly, my day to day could be very different; It depends on the needs of the administrators as well as the teachers.

J: What is your favorite part of your job?

R: I like working not only with teachers but also the administrators, and I love seeing the students every day. I’m not in the classroom, I used to be in my previous job, but I still get to see students, I still get to help them, but I also get to help the teachers, which is something that I find very rewarding. I know their jobs are not very easy, so any help that I can give them makes my job that much more great.

J: What is the hardest part of your job?
R: The hardest part of my job is that unfortunately, working with the Assistant Principal, sometimes we have to deal with disciplinary actions. I never like to see anyone getting in trouble or having issues, so I always try to be a friendly face in the office. If they’re a little stressed out about something, I try to talk to them, and try to befriend anyone that comes in. If they’re having a bad day, I like to be someone that they can talk to. 

J: Can you describe your prior experience for me? Where you went to college, other jobs?

R: I went to college at Stockton University, where I got my degree in Psychology. Then I went to Ramapo College and got my teaching degree in Elementary Education. I’ve actually been in almost every type of school; I’ve been in elementary school, I’ve been in middle school, and now I’m in high school- This is my first high school. Mostly, I’ve been a teacher’s assistant, working either directly with the teacher or specifically with special needs students. I’ve worked with a lot of one-on-one special needs students, which I really did enjoy. 

J: What are some of your hobbies outside of school?
R: Outside of school, I love to read; I love reading books. My husband and I like to watch sports together, like all different kinds of sports. I am also a huge Star Wars fan, so you can always catch me watching Star Wars!