Getting to know Mr. Ratty


Here poses Mr. Ratty, a well-known Teacher’s Assistant for Glen Rock High School.

The Glen Echo: Mr. Ratty, why is your role as an administrator in this school? 

Mr. Ratty: I work with students, especially students who have trouble with learning like Special Ed students. I see them learn in the classroom and help them there.

The Glen Echo: Mr. Ratty, what subjects did you like in high school?

Mr. Ratty: I loved reading, my whole life, I’ve loved reading. I liked History and English to.

The Glen Echo: Mr. Ratty, how long have you been at Glen Rock? 

Mr. Ratty: 5 years.

The Glen Echo: Mr. Ratty, what exactly is your position right now as an administrator?

Mr. Ratty: Right now, I am filling in for Mr. Lyon, and most of his classes (USI and USII). Previously, I was a TA for teachers like Mr. Lyon and Mrs. Maasarani. But Mr. Arlotta told me I will be teaching a special ed class next year. Unfortunately, there is no definite yet. 

The Glen Echo: Mr. Ratty, what do you do outside of school?

Mr. Ratty: I work for FedEx on some nights. But in my free time, I enjoy running and biking.

The Glen Echo: Mr. Ratty, who do you work closely with in Glen Rock High School (teachers)?

Mr. Ratty: Throughout my experience, I have gotten close to teachers like Mrs. Heres, who helps me out in the Special Ed Department, Mrs. Maasarani, who I have been a TA for a long time, and Mrs. Mahoney who always helps me out when I need it. 

The Glen Echo: Mr. Ratty, do you enjoy working with students on a daily basis?

Mr. Ratty: Yes, I get along with all my students pretty well and enjoy talking with them about stuff like sports.