Q & A with trainer Jamie Hricay


Jamie Hricay takes the time out of her day to pose for a picture in the trainer’s room.

by Michael Silver, Chief Sports Beat Manager (Football, Hockey, Baseball)

Michael: The first thing is your name and how to spell it.

Jamie: Jamie Hricay. JAMIE HRICAY.

M: How long have you been working at Glen Rock for as a trainer?

J: I’ve been working here since the middle of October. I was subbing here for Susan since this past August and I was here in 2017 from August to March 2018. 

M: What are your hours like?

J: I typically get here in the early afternoon and then based on the scheduling, whenever practices or games finish.

M: What are your main jobs as a trainer?

J: So basically as an athletic trainer I have the immediate care of any injuries, evaluation/treatment of injuries, rehabilitation of injuries, basic paperwork, filling out injury reports, things like that. Covering all the practices and games of sports. 

M: Have you worked as a trainer anywhere else?

J: Yes. I’ve actually worked in multiple settings. I’ve been in the high school setting, I’ve been in the middle school setting, I’ve been in the professional sports setting, physical therapy setting, as well as the industrial athletic setting. 

M: Is there any most memorable time that you’ve had to deal with a certain injury?

J: It always is good when you have kids come to you after a season or what not come and thank you for all of the treatment you’ve done for them throughout the season or what not. I can’t think of a specific instance right off the bat.

M: What education do you have for this profession?

J: So for athletic training when I graduated it was still a bachelor’s degree. In athletic training they are moving towards the master’s degree currently. 

M: What is your favorite thing about the job?

J: Favorite thing about the job is pretty much helping everyone. I’ve always liked helping people my whole life and I’ve always loved sports so helping people get back to doing what they love brings me joy. 

M: It’s kind of similar, but what inspired you to be a trainer. 

J: What inspired me? Basically I always participated in sports when I was younger and in high school and everything and I ‘ve always loved anatomy and sciences, courses like that, so it kind of just when hand in hand. Athletic training kind of is my calling and I love doing it. 

M: Is there anything you don’t like about it?

J: Don’t like about it… I would have to say there’s nothing really more of a hate of the job or anything. That’s actually a hard question, because I do like it I don’t even really consider it a job. I guess paperwork.

M: Are you still Susan’s substitute or do you plan on being here full time?

J: I am supposed to sub for Susan. I think she’s coming back in the fall of next year so we’ll see where life takes us after that. 

M: Alright, thank you very much.