Q&A with Technology Department Administrative Assistant Jade Giele


Ms. Giele is the Administrative Assistant in the technology office.

by Devyn Ivers, Social Media Manager (Instagram)

The Glen Echo: What is it like being in the tech department? 

Ms. Giele: Very interesting, and it’s fun. Everybody is very nice there, and they really care about the school and making sure that all the students have what they need to complete their work and what teachers need to teach you guys. You learn a lot of new things. 

The Glen Echo: What is your job title?

Ms. Giele: I am the Administrative Assistant. 

The Glen Echo: What are the duties of your job?

Ms. Giele: I do ordering, billing, our Honeywell alert system. If there is a snow day or something like that I make sure everybody is connected. I do anything administrative that the tech’s need and I’ll also answer certain help desk tickets. 

The Glen Echo: Since the new computers were issued, how has your job changed, if it has?

Ms. Giele: It hasn’t because I wasn’t here prior to it. I’ve only been here for almost a year. 

The Glen Echo: Why did you choose to go into the tech field?

Ms. Giele: I found it was really interesting, things are always changing. There is always something new to learn.

The Glen Echo: In the past, have you had jobs similar to this one?

Ms. Giele: No, I actually came from Hackensack Hospital. 

The Glen Echo: Has the change been really big?

Ms. Giele: It has been a big change in my career. 

The Glen Echo: What is your favorite part of your job?
Ms. Giele: Being around all the kids everyday is really nice. 

The Glen Echo: And what would you say is the hardest part of your job?

Ms. Giele: Whenever there is an emergency, making sure that everything is running. If our phones go down or our computers go down that’s when it gets pretty stressful.