Bayern Munich should make Hansi Flick head coach 

by Ben Bickel, Staff Writer

Following head coach Niko Kovač’s departure, German super-stars Bayern Munich named Hansi Flick, an assistant coach and former player for Bayern, to take over after Kovač’s disastrous season.

Bayern Munich’s 5-1 loss to Eintracht Frankfurt in the Commerzbank Arena in Frankfurt on Nov. 2 was the last straw for Bayern’s president and former player Uli Hoeneß. Hoeneß pulled the plug and ended Kovač’s career at the German Powerhouse shortly after their crushing defeat.

It was a good decision by Hoeneß to fire Kovač because he did not listen to the players and didn’t take into consideration how they wanted to play. Since Kovač didn’t listen to the players, Honeß felt it was the right decision to fire him. He did so because he knows that the players are the ones that are playing on the field and that Kovač is giving them a rundown of what to do.

This is an important quality of a president because Honeß understands that the role of a coach is substantial to a team. The difference between a good and a bad coach can greatly influence how a team plays and they are the glue that holds a team together. These results show because Bayern has been doing significantly worse this season compared to their past ten years. 

As an avid soccer player myself, I concur that having a good coach benefits a team on many levels. A good coach can inspire players and motivate them to win, while a bad coach would lack these qualities. When I was in middle school, a coach made me feel like I was insignificant to the team and that I was only on the team because I was bigger and stronger than most of the players on my team. 

It is wise of Hoeneß to listen to the players because they knew they wouldn’t be able to perform at their best under Kovač and they made that vocal, so a major change was made. For the time being, they still suffered from Kovač’s undesirable methods of play. To reiterate, having a good coach with the qualities of a leader holds a team together and makes them better altogether. 

Hansi Flick should remain the head coach of Bayern because he is currently doing more for Bayern than Kovač has been doing for the past month. For example, Bayern had recently faced Dortmund in the “Der Klassiker” or “German Clasico” which is an important league match between the two biggest teams in the Bundesliga. Despite this important match being one of his first days on the job, Flick rallied Bayern and pulled off an astonishing 4-0 win. This proves that Flick is capable of listening and understanding Bayern’s players. Also, he seemed to introduce new tactics because a team does not simply turn around a 5-1 loss to a lower league team to a 4-0 win over the biggest team in the league.

With the Champions League in full swing Flick might be Bayern Munich’s savior, and could lead them to a champions league victory for the first time since 2013 without former key players such as Franck Ribery, Arjen Robben, Phillipp Lahm, and Bastian Schweinsteiger. A real challenge for the former assistant coach.

Honeß has recently retired, and he trusts Flick to coach his favorite team to victory.

“I don’t regret a single day. I’m not just a Bayern Munich employee but a devout fan,” said Uli Honeß, according to an interview with Bayern Munich’s official website.