High school hosts annual Cabaret Night


From left to right: Sofia Nolfo, Caitlin O’Brien, and Dylaney Sabino host the high school’s annual Cabaret Night.

by Chloe Siohan, Chief Copy Editor

Life truly was a cabaret at this year’s high school Cabaret Night.

Glen Rock High School hosted this year’s Cabaret Night on Oct. 17, featuring a range of musical performances. The event is a fundraiser for the choir trip.

Cabaret Night is an event that invites students to perform musically and showcase their talents in a safe and encouraging atmosphere. This year’s Cabaret Night was hosted by seniors Caitlin O’Brien, Sofia Nolfo, and Dylaney Sabino. 

“It’s super fun, super chill and people always enjoy it,” Rosen said. “I wish that I started it earlier.”

Rosen recommends the program for students who are a bit shy, yet still want to sing in front of an audience, as it doesn’t attract as large an audience as something like the school musical.

“I think it went really well,” senior performer Jessica Rosen said. “There are a lot of talented people who performed.”

Though Cabaret Night is an annual event, many voices come and go throughout the years. For Rosen, and many other performers, this was her last Cabaret Night. Though Rosen only began performing at Cabaret Night last year, she will still miss being able to participate in the event when she goes to college next year.

“It means a lot to me and all my friends, so it was a little bit sad,” Rosen said.

Nevertheless, underclassmen like freshman Sofia Serrano are excited to keep the tradition alive.

“I love singing, and I love everyone involved in it,” Serrano said.