Social justice club hosts bake sale

by Devyn Ivers, Social Media Manager (Instagram)

The Seven Elements Social Justice Club held a bake sale on Oct. 23 to raise money for their upcoming events.

This club is advised by English teacher Randi Metsch-Ampel and led by co-presidents Simran Saberwal and Asha Shetler. Seven Elements is a club based around creating organizations to help different groups of people, especially minorities. 

“We get together and we host events or we reach out to help different groups of people who are struggling,” said senior Isis Kirkland, one of the vice-presidents of the club.

The bake sale on Oct. 23 raised money for the First Friends of NY and NJ organization, which advocates for immigrant rights and recognition. First Friends revolves around racial tolerance, which is similar to the goal of the Seven Elements club.

Last year, one event that they hosted was the Syrian Supper Club. Members of the club and Syrian immigrants met together to eat Syrian meals.

Another event is the Moth Story Slam, a poetry event that any high school student can enter.  

The club members also collected school supplies like notebooks, paper, and pencils for immigrants that were in detention centers.  The Seven Elements Club wanted to give them a chance to reach out to their friends and family with these supplies.

“We just try to help people,” Kirkland said.

In previous years, Mrs. Metsch-Ampel has led the club and events. However, this year the club is incorporating students more.

“It’s more student involvement,” Kirkland said. “We have a more hands on approach.”

This year, the club hopes to do more than they have done in past years. 

“We want to volunteer on the weekends, we want to do events here [in the high school] and events outside too,” Kirkland said.

Meetings for the Seven Elements Social Justice Club varies, but currently it is usually two or three times a month.