Glen Rock prepares for upcoming mayoral election


Glen Rock candidates Kristine Morieko and Sanjiv Ohri are campaigning for the town’s mayoral election on Nov. 5. Last election was won by Bruce Packer, who decided to not seek re-election

by Andrew Kastelman, Business Development and Marketing Manager

Glen Rock residents will elect a new mayor this Nov. 5.

Democrat Kristine Morieko and Republican Sanjiv Ohri are running for mayor, each looking to replace Bruce Packer who decided not to seek re-election.

Voters are assigned to designated voting areas, such as The Glen Rock Municipal Building and various elementary schools.

Morieko, a fourth generation Glen Rock resident, wants to lower taxes for residents, improve services for seniors, and address road safety concerns. Morieko, the Council President, believes she had a strong campaign. 

“As a Democrat, we are super organized and prepared,” Morieko said. “We literally have been knocking on every door.”

Ohri, a member of the Board of Education for the past 12 years, wants to focus on local issues by improving Glen Rock’s current services. 

“This is a very small town, a very tight knit community. We have to work together to find common sense based solutions and improve services,” Ohri said. 

As the election nears, both candidates are focused on their core values. Ohri is relying on experience, and believes it will help him succeed as mayor. 

“Number one: you need experience. I had that from the Board of Education,” Ohri said. “I’ve been know to speak less, listen more, and I act very firmly.”

Morieko said her decision to run for mayor was influenced by the support of her family, who helped her become determined to run for council.

“I knew I was going in the right direction,” Morieko said.

Both Morieko and Ohri have Glen Rock in their best interests, and each look forward to seeing the results of the election.