New Superintendent introduces social media with #RockGRNJ trend


A photo taken from the Instagram page, @grpublicschoolnj. Pictured here is the girls tennis team at the “Tennis for Life” event.

by Devyn Ivers, Social Media Manager (Instagram)

A new social media initiative has been started by Superintendent Brett Charleston’s hashtag #RockGRNJ. 

Charleston is using the hashtag on platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. 

“I believe that social media is a good tool to communicate and to show the town, and students, parents all the good things that are going on with our school,” Charleston said.

With the musical quickly approaching, Charleston is actively promoting in-school and out-of-school events. 

“It’s not just what’s in the classroom, but also what’s outside,” he said.

Charleston has received positive feedback from parents and students alike about the social media push. “Parents like getting snapshots of things that are going on in the classrooms,” he explained.

In prior districts, Charleston said that social media was a big part of unifying students, parents, and teachers. It is his main goal to use social media in Glen Rock to bring people together. 

The Instagram page has 600 followers since its relaunch in July. 

“Students are our eyes and ears,” Charleston said. “I like their insight into what’s going on in our school so I encourage them to participate and use the hashtag.”

Charleston says that the most crucial part of our school district is our students. He wants the students to contribute to the hashtag and the Glen Rock social media trend. 

Charleston said, “The most important thing is that our students and teachers do amazing things in the classroom, and now everyone can see it.”