Glen Rock Board of Ed. introduces assistant superintendent position to district


The assistant superintendent position is intended to relieve the superintendent of some responsibility for certain issues. Some school districts nearby, like Paterson, has an assistant superintendent.

by Chloe Siohan, Copy Editor

The Glen Rock Board of Education approved the establishment of an Assistant Superintendent position for the 2019-2020 school year on March 19, 2019. The hire’s annual salary would approximately be $160,000.

The assistant superintendent position wasn’t approved without backlash, with some Glen Rock citizens criticizing the position’s salary, likely raising their taxes. However, the Board of Ed. felt that the position was necessary. 

Sharon Scarpelli, President of the Glen Rock Board of Ed., said, “After many discussions and feedback from our previous and current superintendent, the Board felt it was in the best interest of the district to budget for an assistant superintendent position.”

Scarpelli and the other Board members believe that one person can’t handle all of the aspects of the district and that the superintendent will now have adequate support to be successful.

A new Superintendent, Dr. Brett Charleston, will be replacing current Interim Superintendent Bruce Watson for the 2019-2020 school.

Charleston said, “An assistant superintendent can help the superintendent, among other things, with curriculum, BOE policy development, grant writing, and professional development.”

Currently, Charleston works as the Superintendent of Pequannock Township Public Schools, where there is already an Assistant Superintendent. He said, “We work very well as a team and compliment each other while sharing central office responsibilities.”

Scarpelli believes that the creation of the position will allow the Superintendent to have more time to focus on certain issues, as well as connect with staff and students.

“He will have the time to observe each building more thoroughly and get a real sense of the issues at each building level,” she said.

Additionally, because Glen Rock’s district structure has no supervisors, administrators are responsible for evaluating teaching staff throughout the district, requiring much more time and involvement to adequately evaluate staff.

“It is very important for the superintendent and assistant superintendent to make connections and build relationships with stakeholders,” Charleston said. “The creation of this position affords the superintendent the ability to do just that.”

Bruce Watson, Interim Superintendent of Glen Rock Schools similarly said, “With the demands of overseeing a district with five schools, the curriculum, state and federal law a superintendent needs help if the district is to continue to improve.”

Charleston said, “Salaries in all fields, even those outside of education, are based on experience, credentials, and ability to effectively ‘do the job.’ I cannot comment on the salary that is budgeted but it is in line with what comparable districts pay assistant superintendents.”

Scarpelli stated the the Board of Education has held off on writing a job description for the position, and plans to write it when Dr. Brett Charleston begins his tenure on July 1, but the position would include tasks like being responsible for curriculum, testing, liaison to the State data warehouse NJSMART, teacher observations, and more.

Charleston cited criteria for the position as having a doctorate in education, experience in central office or as a principal, several years of teaching experience, and good communication and interpersonal skills.