Glen Rock track star looking forward to Division 1

by Alex Vicinanza, Staff Writer

Despite being a small town, Glen Rock is known around Bergen County for being very strong at sports. Some of these sports include hockey, soccer, lacrosse, and tennis.

Two sports that don’t get enough recognition are track and field and cross country. Senior captain Andrew Lagattuta is currently paving his legacy in these two sports. Next year, he will be attending The College of William & Mary and will be on the cross country and track and field teams.

Lagattuta was not a track star from day one. Going into freshman year, Lagattuta wanted to play a sport but was unsure of which one to pick. He decided on cross country because he got cut from the soccer team. When he first started running, he didn’t think much about it. As time went on, he realized that he was better than the typical student-athlete.

“I realized it was fun, then I realized what I could become and focused to be the fastest runner I could be,” he said.

During his sophomore season, Lagattuta started to improve his game significantly. He would work hard every day and it paid off. He got invited to a lot more meets and his teammates were proud of him.

Lagattuta has also gained a lot of recognition from the media. He has been featured in some of articles on track and cross country.

He has also raced at some impressive events. In his junior year, he ran in the New Jersey State Meet of Champions. This race consists of the 15 fastest kids in the state of New Jersey racing one mile.

Once college starts, Lagattuta has some new goals. After college, he wants to be an All American D1 runner. He plans on studying business and analytics or finance.

Lagattuta said, “I prefer track because cross country is just one long race. Right now in high school, my training is better suited for track. I can do multiple track races in one day.”

Lagattuta has a bright future in running. He will continue to work hard every day to achieve his goals and become the best runner he can.

Photo Credit: Glen Rock High School
Andrew commits The College of William and Mary