125 Years of Glen Rock


Photo Credit: Michael Taromina

Mayor Marge Roukema and her Assistant Supervisor Jackie Kort are honoring the 100th anniversary of Glen Rock at Incorporation Day, 1994 by performing a ceremony explaining the history and background to the event.

by Michael Taromina, Staff Writer

This year marks the 125th anniversary of Glen Rock. The incorporation of Glen Rock in 1894 unified the town and put it on the map. Before that, the land of Glen Rock was just mere farm land. But after 1894, Glen Rock changed in both population and popularity.

“It was a rural community, it was made up principally of farming but the train made a huge difference.” Kay Tuite

The development of the railroad, without a doubt, was a big factor in the growing population of Glen Rock after it became a town. The Main Line Station was built in 1905 with the extent that there were far fewer stations before that in the state of New Jersey. But when the Main Line Station was developed, it mostly consisted of freight trains riding on the tracks carrying produce from farmers up north and dropping it off at larger towns like Paterson or Hoboken. Eventually, the Main Line became a commuter line which encouraged people to want to live here and the train was a viable and accessible option for transportation. This is still true today, where about 60% of adults in Glen Rock commute to work by train.

Within the Main Line Station sits the Glen Rock Historical & Preservation Society, a group of people dedicated to recording, tracking, and presenting the history of Glen Rock.

President Katherine Tuite, said in an interview “We also are a source for information and questions that they have on the history. We entertain classes, school classes that come in and we do a presentation.”

The Glen Rock Historical & Preservation Society plans many of the fundamental activities that are set in Glen Rock. That includes the Plant Sale which occurs on Mothers Day, Policeman Day which occurs in the fall, and most interestingly, class reunions which occur mostly in October.

This year, the Glen Rock Historical and Preservation Society is planning a celebration in honor of the 125th anniversary of Glen Rock. Nothing is set in stone yet, but idea is to have a day long celebration on September 14, 2019 filled with entertainment and of course history.

There will be festivities from 9AM to night time starting with the children’s run from Faber field along Doremus Ave to the rock. At which point the mayor and assembled dignitaries will address the people and Susan Tryforos, Glen Rock’s Historian will speak that time as well.

Following their remarks, the crowd will walk by the museum at which point the museum open with a tent, charters, and voting information and memorabilia will be on display from 1894. There will be games of the period for the children, music and refreshments.

At which point people will move through town and the individual businesses will either participate or not.

Then from that point they will go to Memorial Park and at that point there will be rides and music and entertainment. It is not certain if the food trucks will be part of the entertainment but at night there will definitely be a laser show.