The story behind Winter Track & Field


Here is a picture of the Winter Track Girls Team posing after their victory at Sectionals.

by Michael Taromina, Staff Writer

To some people, running is not a sport. It is an But the Glen Rock High School Winter Track team, running is no punishment.


The coaches and captains of this high school’s Winter Track team have trained students freshman to seniors to become athletes and to prove themselves a successful runner.


Coach Joseph McCarten, head coach and sprinting coach of the Winter Track team for the past 5 or 6 years has made a difference in many of Glen Rocks students by challenging them into the athletes they are now.


Before Winter Track, McCarten started off a football coach, due to his past football career in high school. He then moved to track and field as a sub for the real coach who was on a personal leave. He fell in love with it instantly and convinced many people to stay as head coach.


During his years as coach, he has set goals for the players individually and the team as a whole.


“I just want my athletes to come together and take track on as their main sport. They don’t work individually, they work together.”


McCarten also has tactics to motivate and challenge the teammates to achieve the goal of success and victory.


“I am a decent motivator but its really about, what are your goals and how can I help you achieve them. When athletes see a form of success they usually want to achieve a higher level of success and I help challenge themselves to get there.”


McCarten has established himself as a motivator and definitely helps the team earn success but he also establishes that its up to the players themselves to decide what goals are they going to set to earn success. He stresses work ethic and leadership among the team. Since there is only so much a coach can do, he has some of the senior captains lead by example.


Sarah Hutchins, a senior of Glen Rock a well known sprinter in both Winter and Spring Track.


Hutchins started doing Winter Track back in her sophomore year. She has developed a sense of character and determination which qualifies her has a great captain.


Andrew Lagatutta, also a senior of Glen Rock is a very well-known and highly respected distance runner who has developed a sense of work ethic and devotion into the sport of running which has made him one of the greatest athletes that Winter and Spring Track has ever seen.

Overall, Winter Track is a place for athletes to show their running capabilities and to challenge themselves to get better. Every coach and captain puts in the work to make each individual better, which makes the team better to.