This week in the news: December 30, 2018–January 5, 2019


Photo Credit: Ozzie10aaaa via Wikimedia Commons

This graph represents the Ebola outbreak in the Republic of Congo since August 1. The number of Ebola patients have been growing steadily over the past few months

by Kevin Lederer , Staff Writer

Legendary WWE interviewer “Mean” Gene Okerlund has died at the age of 76, announced Wednesday. Okerlund joined WWE in 1984 after spending nearly 15 years in the AWA. He remained with WWE from 1984-1993 and then worked for WCW from 1993-2001 and became the most notable interviewer in professional wrestling history in the process.


A ticket sold in Long Island, New York, matched all the numbers to win the $425 million Mega Millions jackpot. The winning numbers for the New Year’s Day drawing were 57, 70, 34, 62, 44, and a gold Mega Ball of 14. The winning ticket was sold at Brookville Auto Service in the Town of Oyster Bay, according to the New York Lottery official website. The New Year’s Day Mega Millions jackpot is the eighth largest in its history, after the December 28 drawing named no big winners.  Mega Millions says that the cash option for this jackpot is $254.6 million.


The Democratic Republic of Congo has reached a grim new milestone in the Ebola outbreak that began August 1: The total number of probable patients is 608 as of Wednesday, with 368 deaths, the Ministry of Health said. An additional 29 people who doctors suspect may be sick with Ebola are under investigation. The Ministry also reported that 207 people have recovered from the life-threatening illness. This becomes the second largest outbreak of Ebola in history.


NASA’s New Horizons Mission Releases snowman-like Picture of Ultima Thule. At a news conference on Wednesday, scientists working with NASA’s New Horizons mission released several images that the spacecraft took as it flew by on Jan. 1. Studying it could offer insights into how Earth and the other planets formed.


A Florida student had her SAT results flagged her score was extremely high and her school grades have been low throughout her time in high school. She claimed that she didn’t cheat and hired a famous lawyer. She believed her second total score was flagged because it was much higher than her first. Campbell called the company, she said, and a representative told her she had a combined 1230 from the reading, writing and language, math and essay sections on her second effort. A score of 1600 is perfect.


‘Bird Box‘ could open Pandora’s Box for Netflix. Netflix had largely worn down those who have pressed for such answers — at least until the service boasted that “Bird Box” was the most-watched movie in its history, tweeting: “45,037,125 Netflix accounts have already watched Bird Box — best first 7 days ever for a Netflix film!”


According to scientific research, that impossible dietary wish list is fulfilled by a diet common to residents of 21 sun-soaked countries that surround the Mediterranean Sea.
“Even though it’s called the Mediterranean diet, it’s not really a diet,” Atlanta registered dietitian Rahaf Al Bochi said, a spokeswoman for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. “It doesn’t tell you what to eat and not eat. It’s a lifestyle that encourages consuming all food groups but gives more weight to those which have the most health benefits.”