‘One stop creative shop’ comes to Glen Rock


Photo Credit: Caroline Geoghegan

Co-Founders Casi Rodriguez and Jesse Fritzsch pose in front of their new storefront. Both being artists themselves, they wanted to cultivate a place that felt wholly unique. Color and Whim sells both handmade products and classes for anyone interested in sharpening their artistic talents.

by Caroline Geoghegan, Managing Editor

Once passing through the turquoise door of 189 Rock Road, customers are met with an array of artistic works, ranging from handmade mugs to pins for prospective mothers. The store has a unique, homey feel: the walls are lined in with shelves filled to the brim with jewelry and knick-knacks.

According to its owners, Casi Rodriguez and Jesse Fritzsch, Color and Whim is supposed to serve as a “one stop creative shop” for both making and purchasing pieces of art. The storefront was opened last August and offers a wide variety of handmade products made by local artists (Rodriguez and Fritzsch included), along with art classes for all ages.

“[We teach] everything from drawing and painting to more kind of sculptural things, and more crafty things,” Rodriguez said. Along with this, customers can also book one-on-one sessions with either of the co-founders in order to hone their talents, or learn new techniques to use in their own work.

As of now, Color and Whim’s beginners classes has been immensely popular, according to Rodriguez. This has given them an opportunity to get to know Glen Rock better, along with work with other local businesses on events.

“I think it’s been really great, actually. A lot of people have been like ‘we don’t really have a place like this in Glen Rock’, it’s been nice to open up the possibilities for kids and even adults who are looking to be a little more creative,” Fritzsch said. “Reception wise it’s been very positive for us. We love getting to know the town and we feel like it’s been very open and welcoming. We definitely felt that with the other stores on the street, along with the families and everyone else we have met.”

Many high schoolers dedicated to the arts have found a local business that supports their interests. “…We’ve never had that before in town. Like I can only do ceramics in school, it would be great to have a place to go, because otherwise you have to travel,” Senior Jenna Hendrickx said.

Color and Whim’s own product selection mostly comes from Glen Rockers, but that is where the similarities end: they vary from lip balms to mugs to jewelry. “We wanted art and product that was easy to get out the door,” Rodriguez said. “Everything is one-of-a-kind…. There’s nothing made by machine in here.”

This unique facet of the store’s identity has proved to be valuable, Fritzsch notes. “A lot of people are looking for something that is unique, something that is handmade, something that not everybody can pick up,” she said.

For more information, go to www.colourandwhim.com or follow them at @colourandwhim on Instagram.