Classroom of the future

With advances in technology, students could be learning in classrooms such as this one.

With advances in technology, students could be learning in classrooms such as this one.

by Kevin Lederer, Staff Writer

Throughout the past, classes all over the country have remained the same. Each one looking considerably comparable. Like most things over time, the traditional classroom could be advancing with some significant changes that will take place over the upcoming years.

Certain modifications could influence the way students and the next generation go through school. Improvements to the classroom will all be possible as a result of the leaps that are happening with technology.

James Griffin, a freshman, said that he believes these changes are necessary.

“I do think changes are needed, and the fact that the schools everywhere have remained so similar throughout the last fifty-years is crazy to me,” Griffin said.

Griffin thinks that with the way technology that is around today has seemed to have affected the whole world in places like work environments and professional sports. Griffin thinks that the classroom could use the same amount of upgrade.

When Griffin heard that schools could be soon nonexistent in the future because it could all be done over a computer he was passionate in his response.

“I think that would be a terrible idea because schools help build character and you learn how to work with other people which are things needed everywhere in life,” he said.

He does think that absences of sick students could be handled differently. He believes if a student could get a certain amount of days and they could choose when to use them would be a better idea than just having to go to school. Regarding the pressure that he receives from tests, he said it affects his whole learning experience. He talked about learning wasn’t his main goal and that to get the good grades he strives for are just earned by the amount of studying he does. Since he never sees the same stuff afterwards he normally forgets most of the material after the test.

Clearly the idea of a lot of changes being made to the classroom can and will be a long time coming. There are many things that will have to be thought about, and the long-term effects of these changes could be the main reason of why they aren’t around today even though they could be with enough funding. With time our classrooms will see a change bigger than ever.