Life on the varsity tennis team

Emma Mangino (left) and Charlotte Arehart alongside Ashley Robinson and Grace DeSalvo during their first States match.

Photo Credit: Charlotte Arehart

Emma Mangino (left) and Charlotte Arehart alongside Ashley Robinson and Grace DeSalvo during their first States match.

by Devyn Ivers, Staff Writer

Varsity tennis is a big leap from junior varsity. While JV is more relaxed, varsity pushes team members to new, unfamiliar territories.

Emma Mangino is third singles on the Glen Rock tennis team. Her position is determined by the outcome of the challenge matches at the start of the season. Mangino was beaten by only freshman Allie Eisenberg, first singles, and junior Maya Doyle, second singles.

“It’s kind of pressuring because other teams have amazing ones and twos so there’s a lot of pressure to win at three so the team wins, such as in state sectional finals,” Mangino said.

Being a senior, Mangino has played on the team for four years. She has been on the varsity team since she was a freshman.

“My freshman year was scary because I got moved up to tryouts with the varsity, which was basically all seniors,” Mangino said, “but after that, they weren’t hard because I knew I was guaranteed a spot on the team.”

Charlotte Arehart is also a senior, and first doubles on the team. She plays alongside senior Grace DeSalvo. Once Arehart started playing tennis on the Glen Rock team, she knew that she belonged there.

“Tennis was the first sport that I equally was skilled at and enjoyed,” Arehart said.

Both girls are captains and explained that it comes with a lot of responsibility. Being a captain means you have to lead the team, set a good example, and still focus on becoming a better player.

Mangino mentioned her point of view on being a captain. “It’s fun, but it’s a lot of work,” she said.

Arehart has a similar view on this position. “It doesn’t really feel any different to me, I still feel like any other member of the team, but I know that I have to set a good example for the rest of the team.”

Being a captain also means that they have to organize different events for the team, and considered capable of doing so with help of the coach, Bonnie Zimmermann.

“We like to organize events for the team to all do together, we ran captain’s practices twice a week in the summer to help everyone build their skill and acclimate to the heat before the season, and we try to set good examples for our teammates,” Arehart said.

Being seniors on varsity, and furthermore, captains means you have to illustrate being an exemplary member of the team, and both girls put their hearts into creating an environment for the whole team to enjoy. The varsity tennis season ended on October 22nd, Mangino’s record is 18-1, Arehart’s 14-3, and the overall team record is 20-3.