An honest opinion on Schoology


Photo Credit: Schoology website

by Ryan Hornish, Copy Editor

Approximately a year ago, Glen Rock High School implemented Schoology, an online learning environment platform, to enhance the recent one-to-one laptop program. 

The inclusion of the one-to-one laptop initiative, which gives every high school student a laptop, was an easy transition for most students. The option students now have to use word processing software is helpful for organizing assignments. It has been an overall positive influence on student work ethic because this technology is more efficient and familiar to students.

Although the one-to-one program has been successful, I feel that the school’s decision to use Schoology was a mistake. This program’s goal is to help students and teachers communicate and stay organized, but I have a lot of mixed feelings as to its successful, as does much of the student body.

Schoology allows teachers to stay organized by providing them with a single program to post materials and updates to an entire class. The issue is that the way students are notified is ineffective. 

Schoology does send out email notifications, but they are sent to our school emails through Outlook, which most students rarely check. Few students regularly use any email at all and even less use the one the school provides.

Text notifications are only available if you have the Schoology app, which is a major use of phone storage and cellular data. In addition, students have found that they are not notified of all class updates and when they are, they are delayed. If the app was more accessible and the text notifications consistently worked, it would be a good resource, but many students do not have the ability to use it.

In addition, submitting assignments is not easy with Schoology. For example, if a teacher assigned an 11:59 p.m. deadline, many students will attempt to submit it earlier in the day. Unfortunately, early submissions are sometimes not sent properly and teachers often do not receive the assignment. Thankfully, most teachers are aware of this issue and allow students to submit it late.

Schoology has the potential to be a great resource for students if they could implement some software updates. With a few minor renovations, Schoology would be a great addition to the one-to-one laptop program.