Students dazzle in annual Cabaret Night


Photo Credit: Carl Helder

Senior Ron Ledeniov performs “My Way” by New Jersey native Frank Sinatra. The genres of music performed by students ranged from jazz to showtunes.

by Alex Vicinanza, Staff Writer

On a chilly mid-October evening, students and parents alike gathered in the cafeteria for the annual high school Cabaret Night.

Cabaret Night is a unique evening where students can showcase their performing arts talents while expressing themselves through song or music. The event provides for them a positive environment where everyone is encouraging and supportive of the acts.

The performance took place on October 18, from 7-9 p.m. The event is hosted by choir teachers Ms. Lilikas and Mr. Helder, who, with the help of choir officers, set everything up to ensure the night was perfect for performers.

The students that performed that night include Matt Jensen (12), Cat Merkle (12), Dylaney Sabino (11), and Ron Ledeniov (12). The performance that surprised Helder the most was Ledeniov’s, explaining, “I wasn’t expecting Ron to pick My Way, by Frank Sinatra. The song came out in 1969, which is just a little before Ron was born.”

Lilikas, on the other hand, had the opportunity to perform with the students. She played the shaker for junior, Sofia Nolfo. The pair performed “Crazy” by Gnarls Barkley, and the crowd loved it.

Both Lilikas and Helder agreed that their favorite performance of the night went to a group of junior girls, who sang “Mama Who Bore Me” in five separate parts.

On the song, Helder said, “The students picked up tools that we teach them in class to show in front of a class.”

As a whole, the night was very successful, with Lilikas and Helder having enthusiastic things to say about the entire night.

“Everyone did great and improved from their audition, which was awesome,” Lilikas said.