New printers added to media center


Photo Credit: Michael Silver

The new Xerox models were added to the school in September

by Michael Silver, Staff Writer

School administrators added new printers to the media center in mid-September, ending a nearly eight month period where students could not print papers directly to printers themselves.

The school purchased two of the the new Xerox VersaLink B600 cloud printers. Compared to the old printers, they are much easier to access, in which you had to go through a much longer process to get your papers by asking media center specialists to print papers for you. Now, students can print as many sheets of paper as they like in just a few minutes.

“The student only has to come and enter their ID number, and if they don’t know it, they can enter their login information as if they were logging into one of their computers, and they’ll be able to access their documents,” High School Librarian Barbara Kopyta said.

Kopyta believes that the Xerox models are worthwhile, noting that the introduction of the printers gives students more control over the things they need to print out.

“It takes a lot of time away from whoever was printing the documents for the students before, which usually was the library,” Kopyta said.

Before the school added the new printers, students would be constantly seeking out the media center specialist, who was the only person in the building that was able to print out their documents.

Additionally, she believes it’s important that students can rely on printing papers in school if they don’t have access to a printer at home.

The printers are new, fast, and efficient, and the school has greatly benefited by getting them. Students at GRHS will enjoy these printers for years to come. These new printers in the media center have changed the accessibility to getting work printed out in ways that students never could have had in the past.