Red Sox predicted to win the World Series


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Four teams are left to claim the MLB World Series this year: the Boston Red Sox and Houston Astros in the ALCS, and the LA Dodgers and Milwaukee Brewers in the NLCS. Boston’s young and aggressive team gives them a great chance to reign this year.

by Colin Boisits, Staff Writer

It has been an extremely exciting start to the MLB playoffs so far, and only four teams are left..

Left in the ALCS is the Houston Astros and the Boston Red Sox. The Astros swept the Indians in the ALDS division 3-0. The Boston Red Sox are returning from an incredible series, where they beat the Yankees 3-1. In game three, by far the most exciting, the Red Sox defeated the Yankees 16-1.

In the NLCS the LA Dodgers will play the Milwaukee Brewers. The Dodger sent the Atlanta Braves home in the ALDS series 3-1. The Brewers who smoked the Colorado Rockies 3-0.

Both of the series has already started. The Red Sox and Astros are tied at 1-1. Boston began with the home field advantage, so the following two games will be played in Houston, giving the Astros a more comfortable environment to play in. Boston will have to play their hearts out these next two games if they want a trip to the World Series.

In the NLCS, the Dodgers and Brewers are tied 1-1 as well. The Brewers had home field advantage, and they did take advantage of their home field in game one, defeating the Dodgers in a close final of 6-5. The Dodgers took the first loss, but they bounced back the next night and won 4-3.

Both the ALCS and the NLCS series close after the first two games, so it is very tough to predict which team will win it all.

The Red Sox have displayed amazing skills in both their pitching their hitting. It isn’t surprising why they finished with the best record in the MLB. Their team filled with new, young, and athletic players– this fresh energy definitely gives them an advantage over the Astros.

Despite the unbelievable catchers across the league this year, Red Sox habitually steal bases successfully. Players like Mookie Betts and Jackie Bradley Jr. are so electric off the bases, getting in the pitchers and distracting them from the hitter. They are ranked fourth in the league with the most stolen bases.

Although the Astros defending champs, I believe the Red Sox be the ALCS champs this year. Also, back to back World Series wins hasn’t happened since the Yankees in the late 90s. The Astros do have their star pitcher Justin Verlander, but he cannot pitch every game which is how the Red Sox will take the lead.

In the NLCS, the Dodgers are fighting against the Brewers to get to the World Series. Again, this series is very similar to Red Sox and Astros series, because even though the Dodgers have their star pitcher Clayton Kershaw, he did not do well in game one, letting the Brewers pitcher hit a home run.

Milwaukee is a very aggressive team, just like the Red Sox. They are ranked third in the MLB for stolen bases per game, one spot above of Boston. LA Dodgers has more experienced athletes, such as Chase Utley, and Matt Kemp. Although the Dodgers are a very talented team, it doesn’t seem to me that they will be able to keep up with Milwaukee. I predict the Brewers will take this series from the Dodgers if they can stay as aggressive and continue racking up the scoreboard.

After the ALCS and the NLCS concludes, we I believe will be left with Boston Red Sox and Milwaukee Brewers in the World Series. This matchup will be a entertaining one.

I do predict that the Boston Red Sox will win it all, because of their young athletic team, their playoff experience, and the heart they have to win. The past two decades, Boston fans have proved their commitment. With the home field advantage the setting will be supportive for the Red Sox, while intimidating for the Brewers

Even though the Brewers are a very aggressive team, they will struggle with the Red Sox’s incredible pitching line, including David Price, Rick Porcello, and their closer Craig Kimbrel.

The last time the Milwaukee Brewers were in the playoffs was 2011, and the last time they were in the World Series was 1982. The Red Sox are more experienced in the World Series and also have an amazing hitting and RBI record this preseason. The Red Sox outscored the Yankees in the ALDS 31-10, while the Brewers biggest win against the Rockies in the NLDS was 13-2. Boston is more electric on offense than the Brewers.

The ALDS and NLDS series will continue through the end of October, where I predict the Brewers and Red Sox reign. The World Series will begin on October Oct. 23 and will be extremely competitive with any combination of teams, but will the Red Sox be the champions this year?