Why all grades should be able to go out for lunch


Photo Credit: Bob Nichols via Wikimedia Commons

Students that buy lunch have few options and could eat the same the thing every year.

by Kevin Lederer , Staff Writer

Each grade should be able to go out to lunch. The negatives that come with school lunch outweigh the positives. The school would benefit more if every grade was allowed to leave campus for lunch.The high school is less than one mile away from downtown Glen Rock, so there is no need to drive there. There are other options to get to and from the school, you can walk, ride a bike or skateboard.

Every day a student in school spends an average of eight and a half hours sitting down, and for people lead a sedentary lifestyle, this could detrimental to their health. Moving around and having students get healthier could even make some students more efficient in the classroom.

There are also safety benefits that come along with being able to have more kids leaving and entering the building, because having a steady flow of people coming and going from school will greatly decrease the risk of a stranger entering school, due to the fact that security will be more aware of who is entering and leaving the building.

In addition to students getting more active, they also learn better time management skills. This would help with managing schoolwork and the tight schedules students will have to follow in the future.

The school has a contract with the lunch program that states that a certain amount of students need to purchase lunch every day. This is because they want to generate profit that they feel is worth their time.

By allowing all students to leave campus for lunch, they probably think they would receive a lot less business, but that wouldn’t be the case. After a certain amount of time, the massive amounts of people that leave for lunch would die down for the cause of many reasons, such as students having labs, or inclement weather conditions.

While seniors may be aggravated that they weren’t granted the privilege that they were solely promised, restaurants in town could create certain meal plans and deals for seniors only, which would reinstate the level of exclusivity. Even though things like this could take a lot of for this to work and time to get used to, it could eventually help to make the high school a better place.