New Science teacher joins GRHS staff


Kelsey Brentnall originally wanted to be a scientific illustrator when she went to college, but ended up becoming a teacher.

by Sydney Baig, Staff Writer

GRHS has welcomed a new teacher, Kelsey Brentnall. Brentnall teaches biology at the freshman level.

She recently graduated from William Paterson University, where she earned her Master’s Degree in biology. She also has a Bachelor of Science in Biology from Ramapo College.

Outside of school she enjoys doing art, and creative things in general. She used to teach an art class for little kids, and double majored in college as an art and bio major. 

Brentall had a great high school experience, enjoying all of her classes except for history. The most impactful part of her experience was the relationships she shared with her teachers. Some relationships were so strong that they inspired her to teach, Brentall yearning to have the same bond with her own students.

“I had really great teachers in high school, they had a positive impact on my experience. Being able to have that same positive impact really made me inspired to teach. My science teacher definitely helped me decide to become a teacher,” Brentnall said. “She was one of my favorite teachers I had in high school, and we’re actually still friends today. We hang out and everything. She got me interested in science, and just teaching in general.”

Now that she teaches, she makes her bond with students a main priority. “I love getting to know my students and having fun with them in the classroom while hopefully making learning fun for them, doing a lot of hands-on activities and labs,” she said.