Spirit week returns to GRHS


Photo Credit: Kaylee Doyle

The seniors’ homecoming decorations hang in their hallway. Their theme is Seussical Seniors.

by Kaylee Doyle, Staff Writer

Spirit week started Monday the 24th. Spirit week has been a tradition for a while at Glen Rock High School featuring many themes such as Sesame Street Seniors, Soph S’mores and Frozen Freshmen.

The themes this year are Famous Freshmen, Saucy Sophomores, Jordan Juniors and Seussical Seniors.  

The themes can be super creative and fun. When asked what she is most excited for this year, freshmen Jillian Luftman says, “I am most excited for the hallway decorating. I can’t wait to decorate at it with all of my friends and then let everyone see the finished product. I am also excited to see the other grade’s themes”.

How spirit week is organized is, on Tuesday and Wednesday, two new themes were presented. On Monday night, the freshmen and sophomores came and decorated their hallway for Tuesday morning. The juniors and seniors will do the same on Tuesday night, so Wednesday morning all of the hallways were decorated in time for the pep rally.

This is different than the way it was done last year because normally, each of the grades decorates their hallway on a separate night. However, because back to school night is Thursday, they had to move the senior decorating day. Condensing the dates into two days of decorating fixes this problem and makes the decorating more orderly.

Friday is when the pep rally will be taking place where all of the grades will wear their shirts. The homecoming dance, parade and game are both scheduled for Saturday the 29th.

Luftman says that she expects the Pep Rally to be “Lots of fun! I can’t wait to cheer.” Overall, most are expecting it to be a fun week filled with Glen Rock spirit.