Crispino leaving district after nine years


Mr Crispino is a teacher at Glen Rock preparing for class. In addition to being a teacher, he has been a baseball coach for the past nine years.

by Andrew Kastelman, Staff Writer

After nine years as a high school baseball coach, Mr. Crispino is leaving Glen Rock High School. He has been the varsity coach the past four seasons. Citing family and finances as reasons for leaving, Crispino wanted to be able to spend more time with his two young daughters.

During Crispino’s tenure as varsity coach, the team made the state playoffs each year, culminating in a third round appearance in his final year. Crispino’s proudest moment as coach was beating Mahwah twice, and winning back-to-back league championships.

Before coaching in Glen Rock, Crispino coached in New Milford and Elmwood Park while in college. However, Glen Rock was different to him.

“Just the support and culture here, it’s exploited in a good way in the high school level,” Crispino said.

Crispino has always believed that the relationships with his players is very important.

“The relationships I had with my players, it’s not a one-sided relationship, it’s them reaching out to me. It shows as a coach I made an impact,” Crispino said.

Former player Colin Morrow felt that impact made by Crispino.

“Crispino was a great mentor to our team on and off the field. Every player that played for Crispino knew that helping out the team and representing our school meant much more to him than individual stats,” Morrow said.

Enamored with the underdog and small school mentality of Glen Rock, Crispino attempted to schedule a hard non-conference schedule to allow his team to face the best competition and be as prepared for the state tournament as they could be. In the past few years, Glen Rock has played Northern Highlands and Jefferson Township, two winning programs who offer the stiff challenge Crispino strives for.

Crispino emphasizes a winning mentality as well.

“When we take on the best team in the state, and we get on that bus, we go out there thinking we are going to win,” he said.

This belief helped them in beating the better programs, such as Mahwah, Jefferson, and Northern Highlands.

Crispino, a teacher at Glen Rock, always put academics and accountability before sports. When asked about advice to a student athlete, he emphasized the person you are.

He emphasizes making sure athletes recognize their personal strengths and do not focus too much on the outcome of the game.

“Don’t always worry about the results, worry about the person you are and the athlete you are,” Crispino said.  

With Crispino leaving, the future of the high school baseball program is unclear. Glen Rock has two options for a new varsity coach. They can either hire from within and move up the JV or freshman coach or they can hire someone from outside the program.