Freshman election: what you need to know

by Devyn Ivers, Staff Writer

The Freshman Breakfast was on Tuesday at 7:30 AM in the cafeteria. While there were bagels and juice, what the freshman were really excited for is electing their class officers.

The positions being sought are President, Vice President, Recording Secretary, Corresponding Secretary, and Treasurer. 9th grade students are going to choose who they think is best fit for each job. When asked what he is excited for after the election, Conor Ollendike said that “Afterwards, if I win, I’d be very excited to take charge and lead student council immediately.”

The candidates are Conor Ollendike and Alex Vincenti for President, Sophia Pappalardo, Devyn Ivers, and Gianna Mignano for Vice President, Allie Eisenberg for Recording Secretary, Daniel Cece and Will Consoli for Corresponding Secretary, and Sarina Trivedi for Treasurer. These candidates have made many posters that are lined along the freshman hallway to promote themselves and convince passing students to vote for them.

With a new class officer, different fundraisers are expected. Ollendike was asked his opinion on this matter and he said, “I emphasize having new and creative Spirit Days because every Spirit Day we think of has already been done.” Spirit Days are part of the responsibilities of the class officers. Spirit Days include Crazy Hat Day and Pajama Day. Ollendike has concerns with student involvement towards these fun days. Referring to a flaw in our school he wants to improve, Ollendike said “One is definitely getting involved. I know a lot of people for Spirit Day don’t really get involved because they think it’s lame, but I know that as president I can fix that. All you have to do is get excited about a topic to really get involved with it.”

Overall, there is a lot expected of our potential class officers and it is up to them to step up to the job and prove themselves capable. Ollendike said, “As president, you always have to be positive and be open minded because there’s thousands of opinions throughout the school, and you have to really listen to everyone’s and make a compromise.” After the election, there will be an announcement of the winners and the new officers will show what they have in store for the freshman class.