Snap-Raise benefits athletic teams and their fundraisers

by Ryan Hornish, Staff Writer

Fundraising for sports has become a way of life for many high school teams as well as travel and club sports teams. With either bake sales or by going door to door or even asking online, sports teams have raised hundreds of dollars by fundraising just so they can afford certain equipment. It seems like every year teams try different forms of fundraising, selling popcorn, candy bars, or cards, this year Snap-Raise, a company that helps schools and their sports teams easily create fundraising opportunities. Snap-Raise is any easy to use fundraising system that makes donating online safe and easy. I liked the use of Snap-Raise while fundraising for the Lacrosse team this year because of how easy and simple it was to ask and receive donations, all you had to do was send an email link to someone and all they have to do is click on it and and make a donation. Once a donation is made it is received only moments later, much easier than other forms of fundraising.

Now unlike other forms of donations, Snap-Raise will take a percentage of the donations as payment for a groups use of the website and lines of code. This could be a reason why some people don’t like Snap-Raise but I am completely fine with this idea, a profit needs to be made somewhere and if a group is willing to use the website and understand that a percentage of donations go to the company then yes, they don’t mind either. Snap-Raise isn’t a rip off, it raised thousands of dollars for the Glen Rock Boys Lacrosse team and other teams nationwide and to athletes this could mean many things like new uniforms or equipment, the possibilities are endless.

What Snap-Raise does really well is how it gives prizes to participants who send out 20 emails or who raise over a thousand dollars. This gets kids and teens to really participate and work towards a goal which could be headphones, clothes, or something else. Now It could be said that giving out prizes to participants isn’t how life works,etc, but when your making kids go around asking people for money it’s easier if they have something to look forward to plus its weird to ask someone for money, it’s not like asking your parents for 10 dollars to walk into town and buy a sandwich, your asking people for money to support your team and it’s not always easy but Snap-Raise gets rid of that fear for many.

I feel that at some point teams should do bake sales and other forms of fundraising while also doing Snap-Raise, have athletes that don’t want to deal with the technology run the normal fundraising while the others deal with Snap-Raise, this could be a good compromise for everyone and would make a lot of money for the teams.