by Evan Van Duffelen, Staff Writer

The push for legalizing marijuana in New jersey has recently begun and it seems that there will be a continuous push forward until it’s legalized for recreational use.  Phil Murphy has already gotten part of his goal complete, legalizing marijuana for medical use. It’s starting to become more accessible for medical use every single day, but his main goal isn’t complete, legalize marijuana for anyone to use.

Marijuana has been found to have many positive effects like, relaxation, enhanced experience, laughter, talkativeness, and even pain reduction.  Many people are using it as a medicine and the reviews from it has been great. Many former NFL players use it also because of the relief it has on their body is very strong and it helps them have a clearer mind.

Obviously there is an addictive property of marijuana, but it is also benefiting many people.  Unlike alcohol, the effects actually have more pros than cons. When on marijuana, you’re also more functional than after drinking a lot of alcohol.  

At Stockton University a poll was made for who would be pro marijuana in New Jersey and the percentages were 49 percent pro, 44 percent against, and 5 percent neutral (  The numbers are pretty evenly split, but also one of every four people asked in this poll said they’d try marijuana or keep using marijuana if it was legalized.

If marijuana was legalized it would help cities and towns in new jersey deal with poverty because it will be a big source of money and it’s pretty much guaranteed tax money for the state also.  It would be a win win for the state and cities/towns.

The answer is clear, marijuana should be legalized not only for health benefits, but to revive the state and its local cities and towns.