Bathrooms are disgusting

by Ben Solomon

Using the bathrooms in the school is like taking your chances of pouring yourself some old milk that’s around it expiration date  it’s either going to be fine, or it will be absolutely disgusting.

I understand that keeping a bathroom clean is tough especially if a number of people have to share it, but some of the bathrooms in the school take disgusting to a new level. One of the main and constant problems I notice is the smell, by the end of the day no matter what bathroom I use it will smell badly. Whenever I open a door to the bathroom, I am immediately bombarded with the scent of feces, urine and body odor mixed into some hellish scent. This get worse as the day goes on due to the fact more and more people use the bathroom and refuse to flush the toilets. This is one of the largest but easiest problems to fix, just install some form of automated air freshener. It doesn’t even need to be on all the time; I noticed that the smell really starts to get bad around lunch time.

Another problem is the sinks. The large majority of them are automated and that sounds like a good idea in theory, but they don’t always turn on when I move my hand by the sensors. When they do work, the sinks spray water all over the place. 

The sinks are unpredictable and too powerful, sending water flying all over you, yet the majority of urinals don’t flush. The amount of water they generate just isn’t enough to totally clean the urinal for the next person’s use. The stalls work fine most of the time so I doubt it’s a plumbing problem, the urinals just need to be replaced or at very least fixed to properly clean themselves.

I know bathrooms are not supposed to be pretty, but the stall walls are disgusting as well. Students disrespect them and the walls have had all the paint scratched off to erase the colorful messages and images that are drawn on. They are definitely In need of a replacement, preferably one where vandalism is harder.

A lot of the reasons the bathrooms are filthy are the students’ fault, people tossing their wet paper towels on the floors or throwing them into the sinks, leaving food wrappers or even scraps in there. I don’t understand how people could eat in there but the evidence is strewn on the ground. I don’t see a solution to this. If students can’t be bothered to throw out trash then I doubt anyone is going to suddenly reform this habit. Some people are fine with how the bathrooms are but, the if rest of the school is clean, why are the bathrooms the exception from this standard?